Research Development and Innovation

“The Red Swan” sees healing as a dimension.
This dimension deals with solving diseases that are not only physical,
but also perceptual, behavioral, and fundamental.

Research and development, like everything else at “The Red Swan”, deals with healing on all levels.
Multidisciplinary research and knowledge that led to the development of: medicines, healing consciousness,
diagnosis of disease and a way to prevent them, with nature as the basis at our disposal.

We are now making our R&D&I, which has shown impressive healing and progress results for decades, available to the world.
We believe that the knowledge at “The Red Swan” can be a springboard in many areas – to a more advanced world of healing –
and we seek to make the real nature available for extensive and developed research.

To befriend it and discover its strengths, in order to translate the innovation of the “The Red Swan” into tangible benefits
for practitioners and society, and to ensure that the basic value of healing remains at the forefront of interdisciplinary, sustainable, patient-centered health research.


Innovation occurs best when the right people come together to share expertise.
From this approach, we are looking for collaborations,
so that together we can overcome barriers, challenge conventions, and take action to bring products and services
into the hands of those who need them most.

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