The founders

Efrat Algressi 
Director and Co-Founder 

I am a traveler in the world in which I live, exploring it on all levels – the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, the intellectual, and the behavioral.
In fact, I have always been researching and learning the universal healing journey, starting from within myself, and then beyond.
In this way, I have developed a deep insight and comprehensive understanding of behaviors, thought patterns, market dynamics, along with a calculated analytical ability that generates a future perspective in various fields such as medicine, economics, environment, society, and essence.

My work stems from the same childlike innocence through which I see life, fueled by the curiosity that exists within me and a wide imagination, from the boundless excitement of the wonder of life, and from the belief that everything is possible.

As the creator of “The Red Swan” idea, I know and believe that every person carries unique knowledge that they need to share with the world – through their very existence and through their healing journey, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Personally, I encourage raising awareness.

The exposure and sharing of this knowledge will only lead to further development in the world, freeing us from unnecessary suffering, diseases, and stagnation.

In order to agree to see that “Red Swan,” your uniqueness, and to agree to see red swans in general, one must agree to accept this healing journey, a journey that begins with accepting the uncertainty, the unknown that lies within the much desired healing.


Your healing secrets are known to you and you alone,
and the doctors you meet along the way are your faithful servants on your journey to discover the secrets of healing.


Orly Ben lulu 

Head of Research, Development & Innovation

My specialization in natural medicine does not stem from certification studies, but rather from a mission to bring forward knowledge that has existed in the world forever and make it accessible to anyone interested.

This knowledge allows to shorten processes, to reduce unnecessary suffering – not the suffering that is a part of nature, such as what is necessary for our development, like the growth of teeth, but rather the suffering that arises from an imbalance we create ourselves, like dental cavities that interferes with our natural development.

What drives me forward is my belief, awareness and admiration for the wisdom of creation at every given moment as well as a view that looks at things from a different perspective, and the understanding that the more we know understand and discover – the more we will realize how much we don’t know, don’t understand, and haven’t discovered yet.


I have been granted the privilege to understand that
Conflict is at the root of all illnesses.
Therefore, healing is first a decision, a will and determination,
and above all, a complete faith in the path.

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