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In “The Red Swan” worldview every organization, company, industry, sector, system, and country is a living system.
As such, it has character, soul, and essence.
Moreover, like anything with inherent existence, it coexists with disease and contributes to it.

Current awareness knows experts and consultants in the field of interest, and various strategies aimed at improving, optimizing, solving and addressing specific issues that they encounter, and to accompany them on regular basis.
We offer a unique service of deep, creative, and original diagnosis and analysis that develops the organization’s awareness and enables the creation of holistic healing tools that are tailored personally to the organization’s nature and good, and act as integrated tools in surprising directions and ways.

Sometimes the service is targeted and concise – a proposal, a direction, a solution – from identifying an illness that has not been identified until today.
Sometimes the service is ongoing accompaniment.
And sometimes it is about enriching and developing consulting.

In “The Red Swan” we bring advanced awareness and advanced diagnosis, which is fundamentally similar to personal diagnosis, one that can elevate any organization to a more developed and higher level of consciousness.

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