Situation Management

Situation Management: a Metacognitive Process


This service is a process that is focused, intensive, and relatively short.
It is customized, dynamic and suitable for situations that require guidance, ultimately propelling progress or, ideally, helping advance to the next stage.

This metacognitive process begins with diagnosis, followed by expectation alignment, and then aligns the stages on the path to healing.

Our service emerges in response to the present need to connect the existing understanding of illness and recovery with a more sophisticated awareness of health and healing. It caters to individuals dissatisfied with the current state of affairs who are actively seeking healing.

In this transition, from the current awareness to a more advanced awareness, there is a significant challenge, a confusion, an information overload, countless proposed solutions, advertising, marketing, behavioral conditioning, memories, social agreements, and present conceptions that a person experiences. Therefore, mediation is required to facilitate the transition optimally.
Mediation, clarifying the patient’s present state, introduces structure to the current situation, unveiling unfamiliar realms that are both fitting and pertinent. This happens while learning a new language – a crucial skill for the individual pursuing healing and essential for advancing within this sophisticated consciousness.

The treatment of “The Red Swan” is indeed suitable for everyone, but may not fit every individual, as it requires deep commitment and dedication. It begins with the patients’ commitment to themselves, to their own will and to their deep nature, which naturally strives for healing, and then, also to their own choices.
The source of this commitment is maturity.
Sometimes, this maturity comes after personal development – from life experiences, life trials, and familiarity with the existence. And sometimes, the person has just reached his / her inherent maturity.

This healing method requires work that makes no concessions and no compromises.
It demands a willingness to look at life with open eyes and confront the situation.
It is a treatment in which not only the patients themselves benefit from its results but also their entire environment – family, social circles, and employment relationships – like ripples – where the central point (the treated individual) undergoes the treatment and indirectly influences all peripheral circles.
Note the movement is not only outward; it does not stop there. From the development of these peripheral circles, a new, healthy feedback begins internally, feeding back to the central point – the one who underwent the initial treatment – allowing it to continue and evolve. Again, it feeds back to the outside, and the virtuous cycle continues…

It is a treatment that addresses the physical, emotional, mental, perceptual, and behavioral levels.
It changes the patients’ perspective and attitude towards things, in a way that ultimately leads the patients to absolute independence, liberating them from any form of dependence – physical, material, mental or emotional.
Thus, when a person is free, all doors are open before them.

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