The Red Swan – Who we are

The red Swan presents a truth that exists in the world,
that natural healing resources are
limitless, creative, abundant, surprising and powerful.
Moreover, each one of us is part of that infinite nature.


 “The Red Swan” – Who we are


In ״The Red Swan״ we discover a new continent.
״The Red Swan״ was born and established from the meeting of Efrat Algressi and Orly Ben-Lulu – a meeting between worlds of healing.
It introduces us to a “new continent” to explore together.
This continent, in which healing tools, remedies, and new perspectives exist, is a complete and new world that combines
current medicine, ancient medicine, and the medicine of the future.
It unveils contemporary and natural healing, slowly emerging and being available to every individual.

The company, founded in 2012, creates and develops herbal remedies for a wide range of medical conditions, drawing from extensive internal knowledge.
Simultaneously, it disseminates this knowledge through content that also originates from the same source.
This content enables the development of awareness for healing in a universal language, spanning various fields such as: economics, medicine, education, environment, tourism, emotions, food, life and death, and more.


The Red Swan,” like any living entity or ecosystem, is a composite of elements that together create a whole:

  • In its business structure, it is a commercial company, with the goal of finding suitable partnerships that allow it to bring its vision into the world through various appropriate channels.
  • In its vision, it is an educational institution, that teaches how to live: the way nature intended us to live, within an advanced world – without being confused and without losing faith.
  • In its character, it is a scientific center, open to dealing with existing conditions and situations that seem to have no solution and doing its best to find the right solution and healing. It practices a form of medicine that not only treats physical ailments but also addresses many other issues such as global, behavioral, economic issues and more.
  • In its practice, it serves as a training center, providing theoretical knowledge, philosophical direction, and practical tools. The combination of all these elements allows to fix any deficiency, be in a sick body or a society in crisis.
  • In its philosophy, it is a new language, that emphasizes man’s modesty regarding his place in the world. In doing so, it unifies all existing languages into one universal content.



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