Global Healing

Global Healing – “The Red Swan” and sustainability 


Sustainability in “The Red Swan” worldview, is a supreme value,
according to which, man is required to be aware of his existence and that he must take care of everything that enables this existence, whether it be humans, animals, nature, the environment, or society.
He must respect it, live in peace with it, and not harm it.
This is a supreme value, which in the popular perception today, is still expressed in a limited way of preserving the environment,
the nature.

Yet, the environment of a person is everything. It is his body, it is his essence, it is nature.

Sustainability cannot be limited to a subject dealt with extensively, which focusses on the recycling of plastic and the greenhouse effect, while on the other hand there is the promotion of abundance which artificially creates a need for ever more –
more material, more information, more noise.
When artificial and inaccurate, all of these have a detrimental impact, causing confusion and fostering emptiness and frustration.

Sustainability is the balance between times, between worlds, between issues,
and between the ultimate triad – need, desire and realization

At “The Red Swan” all the products originate from natural resources. We work in harmony with nature, harnessing every form and most powerful energy available.

We do not take for granted what is given to us; we are aware of the abundant value in every piece of information and the secrets revealed to us in every leaf and every drop.
We are conscious of the extensive forces “behind the scenes” that create the raw materials we use – the forces of nature, of living beings, of time and of the energy that connects everything together.
We are aware and grateful for the privilege given to us to discover things, access them, develop from them, and use all of them. Therefore, we operate without deception, without waste, and certainly without neglect.
We use what exists in a way that generates a self-renewing cycle: nature to us so that we may thrive, and we to nature so that it may thrive. Then, from the new powerful position and ascending to a higher level, nature gives to us again, and so forth.
Thus, the gaps are narrowed, desire equals necessity, and the realization of both approaches.
Moreover, the resources don’t diminish or deteriorate; on the contrary, they are enhanced and empowering.

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