The Red Swan – The idea behind it



 “The Red Swan” – The idea behind it

 What does “the Red Swan” symbolize? ” 



The Red Swan symbolizes the ability to undergo a comprehensive and profound change in the path of one’s existence.
It represents the understanding that it is possible to transform any situation consciously and develop from within it.

The term “black swan” itself was inspired by the idea that, in the Western world, people had only known white swans and assumed that all swans were white, until they encountered black swans in Australia, challenging their preconceived notions.
This unexpected discovery soon became a metaphor representing unforeseen phenomena or events that can completely change life, such as 9/11 or the rise of the internet…


The concept of the Red Swan expands upon the metaphor used in the Black Swan theory. It is based on the assumption that the world always offers limitless possibilities and they manifest themselves mostly when humanity and the world find themselves in a dead-end within their own reality. In other words, consciousness is limited to what it perceives or sees.
During such times, there is a grip on a concept that no longer serves existence but is instead detrimental and dangerous to it.
However, this is not the only way for the Red Swan to manifest itself; it can also emerge by choice and a desire for growth and development.
Thus, the “Red Swan” can exist as a warning sign or as a guiding light, to caution against deterioration or to show the way out of a dead-end. This is achieved by exposing the path to healing the existence and minimizing the harm or suffering that would result from clinging to a concept that has already started to deteriorate and is destined to break sooner or later.


A red swan is always present and at all times, it reveals itself to those who are willing to see it.
To achieve this, effort is required: a shift in consciousness, a willingness to let go of preconceptions. Then – emerging from the deadlock or from the downward spiral – harmony and balance can be achieved.  

When one does not want to see the red swan, one may experience a kind of severe shock that will lead us to the exact same change, but it will be accompanied by more suffering and more difficulty.

Between black and white, in the middle, there is red.

Red is a state in which awareness is awakened to choices, to risks, to endless possibilities,
to growth and acceptance.

Red is one of the states of healing; it is a dynamic and active part;
it is the constant movement of development.

In every person, there is a red swan – a red thread,
something that only they can see and need to see.

In "the Red Swan" lies the essence of healing. In healing, there is no black or white.

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