?Ça Va

״Ça va?״ is an innovative and one-of-a-kind formula,
tailored to the challenges of our time
in the emotional, cognitive and traumatic fields.

It successfully reaches and treats deeper layers in feelings and emotions, some of which are already understood today, while others are still not.

The formula characteristics are unique, both in terms of plant composition and mode of use,
as well as in terms of integrating all the aspects it addresses.

The combination of these characteristics creates its exceptional and outstanding effect, enabling broad and highly effective treatment.


It is easy to use, friendly and safe, different from what one is familiar with.
Instead of fostering addiction, it promotes liberation from addictive behaviors.

 ״Ça va?״ does not mask emotions,
but rather allows for the acknowledgment of a challenging emotional state –
whether it exists in reality or is rooted in memory – and enables one to cope with it.
In doing so, it facilitates a fundamental treatment whose impact is noticeable on all levels – emotional, mental, and physical – befitting true healing.

This formula is suitable for babies, children, adolescents, adults, and also for animals.

100% Natural ingredients

Not tested on animals

Suitable for all ages, and also for animals

Emotional vitality

At “The Red Swan,”, we perceive, understand, and experience the world around us
and recognize the supreme value of this formula as part of the response to a need and a way of life.

We see a current urgency in research and commercial collaboration in the field.
This will undoubtedly pave the way for a scientific research and breakthrough in the realm of mental health and consciousness, regarding many situations across the spectrum such as
stress, tension, anxiety, attention disorders, sleep disorders, trauma, and post-trauma, among others.

Implementing the use of this formula will enable a healthier, more resilient and enduring society
on all levels – emotional, physical, cognitive, and behavioral.

 Articles and studies on the subject

Studies conducted and published around the world, on a regular basis, on every subject and topic at any given time.
The following Studies, which we have chosen to present,
is a taste of the infinite directions being explored in a particular field.
It presents the connection between the scientific world and our developments.
Developments that contain within them topics that have been researched in the past, are being researched in the present,
and those that have not yet been researched.
Their uniqueness lies in the exceptional combination of what is already known
and what exists but has not yet been revealed to all.

Post-traumatic Healing

Home article

Depression is probably not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain – new study

Research conducted at UCL university London in 2022

Early life adversity shapes social subordination

Research conducted by Weizmann Institute of Science

What causes depression?

Harvard Medical School article

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