Following the diagnosis process, we will explain and elaborate on its results, and as needed, we will offer a follow-up program.
The diagnosis itself marks the beginning of the healing journey. In fact, it opens up a new and original perspective to a situation that manifests as a problem, Occasionally, it may take some time to fully comprehend the content and recognize one’s position within it.

Certain situations may call for the integration of additional elements in the overall healing process.

 Orthopedic alignment – “Libra” method:

‘Look well to the spine for the cause of disease’, wisely stated Hippocrates, the father of western medicine.
Recognizing and addressing signals in the spine can provide valuable insights into the root causes of health issues and contribute to a more holistic understanding of an individual’s health.
The vertebrae of the spine play a pivotal role as a central communication channel between the individual and their body.
The spinal column serves as a conduit through which the body communicates information about weaknesses and deficiencies it is undergoing.
Various signals manifest in the spinal column, including indications of weakness, stress, general pain, specific organ discomfort, emotional states, cognitive perceptions, and behavioral patterns. All of these elements are reflected in the spine, exerting an influence on one’s overall posture.


“Libra” is a unique method of treatment, diagnosis, and guidance that takes place through and from the spine.
The original technique is based on gentle and non-painful therapy, allowing the vertebrae and joints in the body to return to a balanced state.
“Libra” therapy is suitable for the entire spectrum, ranging from “simple” conditions such as neck, back or knee pain, to more complex situations like disc herniation. Its scope even encompasses cases that elude visual diagnosis, where the direct link between the condition and the spine remains unclear, as seen in conditions like Parkinson’s, Degenerative diseases, Tumors and similar instances.

Diagnosis, treatment and guidance in combination with the ״Libra״ method can shed light on conditions such as: stiff neck, back tension, chronic conditions such as the carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as more complex conditions that manifest as diseases.

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Nutritional guidance:

Nutrition stands as a cornerstone in our lives, serving as the essential fuel for the body.
Consequently, it should be customized to meet the specific needs of the body.

Adjusting dietary habits is not only an essential component of treatment but can also function independently as a therapy or as part of a comprehensive approach.

Herbal formulas:

The herbal formulas in “The Red Swan” are customized to meet individual needs.
We only use friendly and pure plants that are not subject to any regulatory controversy.

What sets our herbal formulas and their use apart includes…
• A distinctive extraction method
• Creating the formulas in a different and unconventional perspective that identifies and addresses the root of the problem, treating all       the dimensions that contribute to it and reinforce it.
• The ability to precisely combine the various plant compositions.
• Close guidance and support throughout the entire process.
   The guidance, which translates and mediates for the patients at every stage, gives meaning to the experiences they go through             during treatment.
   It leaves no room for doubt, uncertainty, questioning, or feeling victimized by the medical condition. Instead, it allows progress with a       full understanding of the process and empowers the patient to take control.
   And then, in our experience, the possibilities are boundless -the sky is the limit!


At “The Red Swan” we take pride in our current expertise in the field of healing. This includes a profound and thorough comprehension, unique vision, a touch of creativity, a personalized approach, and most importantly, a commitment to working from the heart and a sense of duty. These qualities collectively empower us to craft distinctive ‘compositions’ that blend the seen and the unseen, effectively resolving complex situations that might initially seem insurmountable.


It is important to note that the plant-based treatment is carried out in full combination (as much as possible), with any other treatment that the patient is currently receiving, whether it is a medicinal treatment, psychological treatment, physiotherapy or others.
This is done with the ultimate goal of liberating the patient from any dependency and need for external assistance, fostering absolute independence and the realization of their inherent potential, as the way of nature.

According to the current discourse, personalized medicine undeniably exists and it is a global necessity. At “The Red Swan” we refer to it as “personalized healing,” extending the term “healing” to the extent that one is willing to embrace.

The diagnosis and treatment at “The Red Swan” serve as subtle guides for both the sick and the healthy, operating within the realm of available abundance – subtle guides to self-awareness and self-discovery.


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