Post-traumatic Healing

Post-trauma is a given condition. It’s a state that exposes the beginning of the direction and hints at the determined path, a path that starts with post-trauma, and its healing, if done correctly, will lead the person to his or her destiny. Every post-trauma begins with a shaking encounter within a space of uncertainty, and from that precise moment, this entity will need to move, to recognize and learn their way. Post-traumatic healing is a lifelong journey. A life journey of an entity – an individual, a family, a country, an idea, an era , an event.

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About Taste and Smell

Five senses were given to the human being: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.
These senses, in cooperation with the brain, allowing the person to communicate with the outside world, protect him from danger, and to guide him.
Like the calm before the storm, losing the sense of taste and smell, in different situations, is a warning sign. As if coming to awaken him to his senses, to the demand these days for independence from any conqueror.
The independence that will free a person’s heart and mind to a real world, to a natural order, to inner peace and to a true and infinite creation.

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where are you running to

בהסתכלות הרחבה שלנו על מצבי חולי – פיסיים, רגשיים ומנטליים – ספורט הוא דבר הדורש התאמה ספציפית ולעוסק בו, ולא עידוד גורף ללא אבחנה.
לא כל ענף ספורט מתאים לכל אדם ויש להתאים לכל אדם את ענף הספורט שגופו ורוחו וטבעו מתאימים לו.

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