one medicine

  One medicine

Medicine as one is a concept coined by Efrat Algressi.
This concept is novel, yet fundamentally timeless and universal in nature.
It aims to remind everyone of what medicine truly is.
The need to introduce and embed this notion, particularly in spoken language,
arises from a reality in which the term ‘medicine‘ has been narrowed down.
This constriction has led to the infinite world of medicine not being fully expressed.
Consequently, many medical conditions remain unsolved and in need of a cure.
Hence, the urge to clarify, remind and shed light on the essence of medicine
and to introduce a concept into the discourse and the language to help achieving this:

 Medicine as one. 


According to this worldview, medicine is one, and there is no distinction between schools of thoughts, healing methods, or the time in which it is developed, as long as it indeed promotes healing or at least hold a genuine aspiration for healing.

Today’s prevailing approach to medicine is that of ‘modern’ or conservative medicine, while all other forms of medicine can, at best, be seen as complementary. Nowadays, this perspective, in particular, requires correction.

Regulations applied to the practices of medicine which have been entrusted in the hands of  people, have established rules and order within the infinite realm of medicine in order to continually advance and promote healing.
These regulations started with the idea and the need for a single medicine to centralize and provide various types of healing.
Over the years, the possibility of exploring such a variety of healing has been narrowed down, to the extent that this reduction today damages the essence of medicine.

There is truly no medicine that is an alternative to another, and there is no medicine that is supplementary to mainstream medicine.

Medicine is one. Either it enables and achieves healing, or it does not.
And if true medicine of any kind is discovered, it should be treated as a precious treasure and given its rightful place.


In order to enable true healing, healing that is a necessity in all aspects of life today, there is a need for the integration of bold forces and an equal distribution of resources among all forms of medicine.
To achieve this, there is a need for regulation that facilitates genuine dialogue and allows for the exploration of all existing, known, and unknown paths.
A regulation that is not afraid of an enlightened language that is enlightening, progressive, responsible, and daring, a language which will pave a safe way for the perplexed patient, as well as the perplexed doctor, and open up new avenues for examination and measurement.

On the one hand, the perplexed patient, stands today in the midst of confusion with signs appearing from every direction, urging him to follow them. Each of these signs appears trustworthy, is eloquently written, and is even attractive.
It’s possible that the patient has already tried navigating the tangled maze, watched TV programs and read books or saw on social networks how friends have solved their own confusion. However, this patient, in most cases, has likely lost his intuition to find the right way for himself out of the confusing maze.

On the other hand, the perplexed physician, also stands in the same confused maze  despite the theoretical, practical and extensive training he has undergone. Yet, he is no longer alone in this maze. he is facing this reality with his patients and colleagues.
Some of them have tried to leave the maze, most have imagined how to leave the maze, each one pulling in a different direction, not allowing him to use the knowledge he has accumulated nor his inner wisdom to find the quickest, safest, and most efficient way out of that maze.

Today, we are all inundated with a flood of information through marketing, advertising, advanced science, and sophisticated technology, promising a novel medicine, a medicine never seen before, an innovative medicine that will lead us out of confusion, that will save us from death, and even promises immortality. And without waiting.


Medicine, by nature, is an unexpected wonder. It has an infinite number of facets, directions, discoveries, surprises, and layers that come from various and diverse sources. But limiting these resources in its discourse and in its practice, damages its very essence for both the patient and the physician.

At times, medicine is urgent, conservative, general, specific. At times, it is conspicuous, concealed. At times, it is preventive, investigative. At times, it is ancient, innovative, unexpected, mystical. At times, medicine is a miracle. 


The world’s existence hinges on the pivotal importance of a single medicine, since our primary objective is the perpetual quest for healing. The mere existence of one medicine inherently fosters swift and healthy development of the individuals and their surroundings.

Medicine as one, is a medicine which is complete, holistic, free, and natural.  Each part of it plays a natural role, in the right proportion and at the right time.

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