Personal Healing



“The Red Swan” is based on the premise that our ultimate purpose is healing.
First and foremost, as individuals, and from within ourselves out, to any living entity or body:
be it a self-sustaining family unit, a nation, a country, a business entity, an organization, or a society.

Healing can exist in the familiar dimension of illness and cure, but it can also manifest in other dimensions beyond the individual. Dimensions that are already beginning to reveal themselves through processes occurring in the world, exposing deep wounds that require healing.

“The Red Swan’s” approach encompasses a distinctive path of healing that originates from a holistic view. We bring forth the gifts bestowed upon us by nature: medicinal plants, a unique perspective, and talent. We combine these with experience, education, and deep understanding that do not stop at familiar boundaries. “The Red Swan” constitutes a realm of healing, wherein we perceive the entirety of every individual and everything around us— as a whole world.

We believe that the one who aspires to healing must combine the individual and the nurturing environment that sustains and nourishes him / her. Therefore, human medicine must be holistic, encompassing all of its layers – physical, mental and consciousness – along with all its branches: frequency medicine, animal medicine and environmental medicine. All of these nourish us, provide means for life and healing, and therefore, we must reciprocate by nourishing them in our quest for ultimate healing.

Healing is a constant process that unfolds naturally, and as awareness grows, the ability to actively participate in it expands, revealing additional paths to healing.


 Therefore, ״The Red Swan״ approach is suitable for individuals, families and societies, industries and organizations, animals and the environment, ideas and concepts.

This healing journey begins with the building of a comprehensive and unique work plan, individually tailored, continuously evolving and in motion. It integrates treatment, counseling and guidance based on advanced awareness, all working together towards healing.

Thus, in an advanced awareness of healing you will improve on:
• skills such as your ability to prevent a blow,
• your ability to cope with a blow relatively easily,
• your ability to be here and now, while at the same time to be one step ahead.
You will turn all these skills into a way of life.


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