A unique formula, the first of its kind in the world 

Consisting of dozens of plants which are known for their anti-pathogenic properties: 


And together, they allow all the senses to sharpen, the energies to be cleansed
and the air to remain pure and clean.
And allows you to breathe freely.

100% natural ingredients 

 Not tested on animals

Suitable for small spaces

Clean air

Imagine a fragrance. a true one.
A fragrance that only the brave will agree to smell.
A fragrance that will truly and honestly work on all of a person’s senses including the sixth sense, to heal them and return them to their essence, to their nature.
To make peace, to take the person to oneself.
A fragrance that balance the senses.

One such fragrance.

A harmonious fragrance, that works together with the person, on all layers in him –
on the physical, emotional and mental layer.
One that helps the body stabilize and strengthen,
strengthens its immune system, its resistance.

One that as soon as you smell it, you want to inhale as much of it as possible, and then, you take a deep breath, and fill your chest with this fragrance that the air is mixed with,
and by the way, you also introduce a considerable amount of oxygen into the body, which help to move the blood circulation, and to create a circulation of vitality and healing.

Such a fragrance that when you smell it and fill your lungs with it, the body automatically straightens up, make the chest stand out and gives a sense of presence and security.
A feeling that whatever is in front of you – you will find a way to deal with it.

Such a fragrance, that when you smell it,
all the senses are sharpened, the thought is sharp,
the vision is focused,
the hearing perceives every sound with great sensitivity,
the heart is not afraid to beat – the person is alive.
Alive and vital.

A fragrance that reveals a person’s true desires,
the passion for life, the imagination, the excitement.

A healing fragrance, a perfume fragrance,
created by the hand of artist,
an invisible artist whose work everyone knows.

A purifying fragrance, purifies the air that a person breathes, purifies the energies that exist around him and within him, purifies the outside to allow him, to the person, to purify his inside.

Way does it take courage to smell it?
Because there you will meet yourself,
the one you have been running away from,
and it’s better now than ever, and willingly,
because the encounter is inevitable.
It is part of evolution, and time is drawing near.

But don’t worry,
this natural fragrance doesn’t leave you alone with yourself.
It helps you contain, it gives you the strength to cope,
it allows you to forgive, to respect, to understand – to be,
in ant situation, until you come back to yourself,
as you were meant to be in the first place.


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ברקוד אנסין

Articles and studies on the subject

Studies conducted and published around the world, on a regular basis, on every subject and topic at any given time.
The following Studies, which we have chosen to present,
is a taste of the infinite directions being explored in a particular field.
It presents the connection between the scientific world and our developments.
Developments that contain within them topics that have been researched in the past, are being researched in the present,
and those that have not yet been researched.
Their uniqueness lies in the exceptional combination of what is already known
and what exists but has not yet been revealed to all.

The effect of smell on memory

Research of Boston University Neuroscience Center, 2020

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Research-based information booklet of the BCPP – a science-based national advocacy organization

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