About Taste and Smell

About Taste and Smell


Five senses were given to the human being: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.
These senses, in cooperation with the brain, allowing the person to communicate with the outside world, protect him from danger, and to guide him.
Through all the senses he receives information – information and not knowledge, and on the difference between them, see Chapter 1 in “accept uncertainty”– while only two of them, are considered chemical senses – the sense of smell and the sense of taste.

Information, in its nature, can deceive, complicate, be subject to interpretation, be artificial, can be controlled, etc.
It may change according to the environment, and in general, the magnificent and fascinating mind of the human being, is also his most deceptive organ, which when it acts alone and independently it can be dangerous. Especially when it is controlled and trained, whether by fear, whether by another person, cultural prospection or artificial products.

Cooperation between the hurt and the brain neutralize these illusion pathways.
Another sense is activated from the hurt – perhaps the sixth sense, perhaps an unnamed sense.
This sense, which the hurt activates, is an incomparable sense, it is real and does not deceive, but it is not easy for a person to agree to touch it and surrender to it, while the mind increases (it is not the mind that really increases, it is the illusions that increase)

Sensory imperialism

These times are the height of the sensory imperialism, in every possible sense of the human being someone or something controls. Every minute, another part – that was still under your control – was conquered.
You see what they want to show you and to sell you.
You hear what they make you hear
You touch what you are tempted to touch
You smell artificial scents that harm your brain and your body ,confuse, blur it,  deceive it and drive it away from the heart.
You taste stronger flavors more and more. With more sauger, with more sauger substitutes, with more salt, with more salt-free.
full of red, green, warning deceptive stickers.
You become addicted to the flavors you strain to feel.
To feel important, to feel belong, to feel welcome.

Is it any wonder that the sensory regulation is disrupted today from young age?!

The result – fear.

When your senses don’t function you feel insecure, and that’s how chaos begins.
Illnesses, anxieties, restlessness, chasing after a supply of a seemingly endless variety of solutions, from sources where the senses are also dysfunctional, but they have an abundance of opinions and ideas.
And for what? For what nature gave to man as a gift, and man himself destroyed. (see chapter “for the good order”)

Imagine a fragrance. a true one. A fragrance that only the brave will agree to smell.
A fragrance that will truly and honestly work on all of a person’s senses including the sixth sense, to heal them and return them to their essence, to their nature. To make peace, to take the person to oneself.
A fragrance that balance the senses.
One such fragrance.
A harmonious fragrance, that works together with the person, on all layers in him – on the physical, emotional and mental layer.
One that helps the body stabilize and strengthen, strengthens its immune system, its resistance.

One that as soon as you smell it, you want to inhale as much of it as possible, and then, you take a deep breath, and fill your chest with this fragrance that the air is mixed with, and by the way, you also introduce a considerable amount of oxygen into the body, which help to move the blood circulation, and to create a circulation of vitality and healing.

Such a fragrance that when you smell it and fill your lungs with it, the body automatically straightens up, make the chest stand out and gives a sense of presence and security. A feeling that whatever is in front of you – you will find a way to deal with it.

Such a fragrance, that when you smell it, all the senses are sharpened, the thought is sharp, the vision is focused, the hearing perceives every sound with great sensitivity, the heart is not afraid to beat – the person is alive. Alive and vital.
A fragrance that reveals a person’s true desires, the passion for life, the imagination, the excitement.
A healing fragrance, a perfume fragrance, created by the hand of artist, an invisible artist whose work everyone knows.
A purifying fragrance, purifies the air that a person breathes, purifies the energies that exist around him and within him, purifies the outside to allow him, to the person, to purify his inside.

Way does it take courage to smell it?
Because there you will meet yourself, the one you have been running away from, and it’s better now than ever, and willingly, because the encounter is inevitable. It is part of evolution (see the chapter “Evolution continues forever”), and time is drawing near.

But don’t worry, this natural fragrance doesn’t leave you alone with yourself. It helps you contain, it gives you the strength to cope, it allows you to forgive, to respect, to understand – to be, in any situation, until you come back to yourself, as you were meant to be in the first place.

And about taste?
can taste be acquired?
Yes it is possible.
Through money, through occupation, by importing flavors, in the atmosphere in restaurants, out of lack of familiar taste and a desire to fill it, out of a desire to belong… yes, definitely possible. Through the acquisition, the brain gets used to the taste.

And what about good taste and epicureship? Can they be acquired?
These come from the heart, naturally, by studying thought and reason.
These come in measure for each person, according to their nature and according to their needs, and they are given to each person along with the basic laws of nature, that will never be broken, and they are a lamp to his feet.
When these do not illuminate a person’s path, he loses his good taste, measure and balance, and he only tries to acquire more and more taste for life. The life that has lost its meaning, its taste.
Taste is a sense that teaches and reminds a person of proportionality in everything.
Too salty or less, too sour, too sweet…excessive, or in moderation.
Did we exaggerate?
Taste and smell must be debated, and certainly when they are excessive and endanger life. Human life.

In the well-known children’s story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the human sense of sight was allegedly used – by those who sought to cheat and deceive him.
Apparently, since the real use was in the state of the heart, where the sixth sense is found, and since at the time the story was written it was dormant, captured and forbidden to use, so the illusion was great.
Even when people saw and knew that they did not see clothes on the body of the emperor – they did not believe themselves.
“Precious threads that only the wise can see…” how will the one with the wisdom of the heart see a lie when the heart is in a coma?

We are asking to use the sense of smell as long as this sense is still active and working, to awaken the heart and the other senses, so that the person can decide for himself, if he is smelling and feeling the truth.


Everything is visible and the choice is yours (see winter 2021 “everything is visible and permission has been given”)

Like the calm before the storm, losing the sense of taste and smell, in different situations, is a warning sign. As if coming to awaken him to his senses, to the demand these days for independence from any conqueror.
The independence that will free a person’s heart and mind to a real world, to a natural order, to inner peace and to a true and infinite creation.

The artical was written on July 11, 2021

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